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Daily Devotion
The scripture reading schedule for the daily devotions is available here. It is designed so you can systematically read through the Bible in a year. The reading schedule is from One Year Bible OnLine and the linked passages are from the Bible Gateway website. The Devotions are written by more than 50 Christians in San Angelo and the surrounding area. Past weeks are available here.




February 25th Readings
ISAIAH 51:1-53:12

PSALM 69:19-36

Ephesians 5:8

When was the last time you were trying to accomplish something in the dark. When everything is dark, it is almost impossible to do anything.

I attend church with a lady who is blind and has been all her life. Before I knew her well, I used to think how sad her world must be. Her world may be physically dark, but her spirit shines so bright it is an inspiration to me.

She doesn’t lament her sorrows or blame others. She embraces the gifts God has given her, she tells those she meets about God, and loves to attend His worship with her spiritual family. God shines through her darkness to inspire others.

Surely with all the blessings I’ve been given, I can find a way to let God shine through me. Maybe I can be that much needed smile, that encouraging word, or good deed that will inspire someone else to seek God.



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