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Other Missions

Mission work is an important part of the life of Southgate. There are many former members working as preachers, ministers, and missionaries in various aspects of the work throughout the United States and the world. Every year, we hold a Missions Sunday. We spend the preceding weeks, through preaching, praying and teaching, focusing on the various works in which we are involved throughout the world and seek out new areas of interest. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are collected each year on Missions Sunday to support the vision of Southgate.
The following is a brief description of many of the areas supported by Southgate:

Quito School of Biblical Studies (QSBS)

Quito, Ecuador
In Spanish, it is known as Escuela Quiteña de Estudios Biblicos (EQEB). The Southgate congregation is actively involved in helping provide financial support for this school which teaches men from all over South America how to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

View the Quito School of Biblical Studies website


Baxter Institute

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Baxter Institute is a Christian educational institution. Its sole purpose for existence is to prepare its students to become preachers, teachers, missionaries, and leaders among churches of Christ throughout the Spanish-speaking world. For over 50 years, Baxter Institute has provided ministerial training in a Latin American context. Originally established in Mexico, Baxter later was moved to Honduras. Today there are over 500 graduates of Baxter’s residential program, ministers and families involved in a variety of ministry settings all across Latin America and also in the U.S.

To view an informative pamphlet, click here.

To view the website of Baxter Institute (http://www.baxterinstitute.org/), click here.


Cairo, Egypt

Southgate supports the work of Alfred Habashy, who is a 2011 graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute. Mr. Habashy and his family live and work in Cairo, Egypt.


Kona, Hawaii

Philip and René Stroud work with the Kona Church of Christ in Hawai'i. The Southgate church helps provide living expenses for the Stroud family to preach the gospel.

View our July 2016 Newsletter in pdf.

View our November 2016 Newsletter in pdf.



The Southgate congregation currently supports two missionaries in Mexico, Armando Gonzales Hernandez and Jose Santiago Guiterrez, and the Monterrey Radio Program.


World Bible School

You. Sharing Jesus.


Our mission: To share the Good News of Jesus with the world's lost by motivating and equipping everyday Christians to use interactive Bible studies effectively.

WBS is one of the most proven, cost-effective means of equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. The ministry has taught millions of truth-seekers by mobilizing tens of thousands of everyday, volunteer Christians.

WBS teaching is something Christians of all ages can do on their own as a WBS Study Helper. Churches can use WBS programs to equip their members and involve them in evangelism.

WBS Study Helpers provide Bible lessons to Students, encourage them and guide them to grow in faith and knowledge. They can share Jesus with web-based lessons as online friends. They can also use printed lessons by mail like spiritual “pen pals”. WBS can often help them connect their Students with local Christians for further study, fellowship and even baptism.

WBS’ Bible lessons provide pure Bible Truth. They share the Good News of Jesus, the plan of salvation, how to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and Christian living. Learn more.

WBS By the Numbers
  • Over 1.5 million studying the Bible at a time.
  • One student enrolls every thirty seconds.
  • Students in all the world’s 200-plus countries.
  • Some 8,000 volunteer, everyday Christians sharing Jesus with WBS.
  • Just $1.00 given to WBS lets one soul study the Bible. Learn more.
  • Each year, about 18,000 WBS Students request baptism. (That’s one baptism request for every $77 given to WBS.)

Learn more about how you can share Jesus with WBS.

World Bible School has two domains (.net and .org) on the internet. WorldBibleSchool.net is geared toward teaching others; WorldBibleSchool.org is used to sign up for lessons or to learn more. The two sites link to each other, so you can start on either one.

Harold Smith oversees the World Bible School effort at Southgate. You may contact him at 325-949-0632 or 37annahar33@suddenlink.net.


Medical Missions

Russ and Mary Gest lead Southgate's effort in northern Belize. Their emphasis is on the detection and treatment of Diabetes. Russ and Mary work tirelessly to obtain funds and equipment for the people of Belize. They have traveled to Belize annually since 2000 to escort new equipment, to carry supplies and to deliver much needed care and expertise to the people of northern Belize. Included in this effort is training local medical personnel and providing lab services during the mission trips.

The Gest's mission trips are coordinated with the North Belize Medical Missions (http://www.northbelizemedicalmissions.com/), sponsored by the Central Church of Christ in Bryan, Texas. This coordination results in a wider offering of medical help beyond just Diabetes. Bible classes are held concurrently with the medical clinics on each mission trip.



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