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Welcome to Southgate Church of Christ

We are a group of believers seeking the lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives, in our service, in our homes and in our worship!

We are a church that is dedicated to honoring the lordship of Jesus Christ and honoring His word as our authority. We want to determine from the Bible what the church was like in the beginning, and to be like that church found in scripture. We believe this is a worthy and reverent goal.

We want to be a Bible-centered church. And we try to be. Yet we know that our conclusions aren't flawless, and that our practices are sometimes colored by habit, preference, tradition, or convenience. We practice grace because we depend on God's grace. Forgiveness is needed for everyone. Our united goal is to seek the righteousness of God which we enjoy because of our faith in God. We value your participation in our fellowship with the Father through a faith in Jesus.


The list of Discovery Groups as of 01 October 2019, can be found here

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