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Sucre, Bolivia Mission Team

Let me introduce the Sucre Missions Team. The team consists of Juan Carlos Cabrera, Angela Myers, and Roberto Iskenderian and his family. The Iskenderians have three children and moved to Sucre from Santa Cruz.

Southgate acts as the overseeing church for this dedicated team. We are in partnership with other churches and individuals who supply the support needed to sustain this evangelistic effort.

The Sucre team arrived in Bolivia in April 2007, and established residence in May. Their goal is to preach Jesus Christ and allow God to establish a congregation of believers in Sucre, one of the capitals of Bolivia.

The team has established a visitor's center called El Camino (The Way, in Spanish) laid out like a coffee shop. There, people feel comfortable and at home studying the Bible one-on-one, in group classes or just coming to the variety of activities provided at El Camino throughout the month.  

The official inauguration of the church took place in November of 2007 and the work is continuing to grow and bear fruit.

The Sucre Team has an old Sucre Blog site. The Sucre mission team has sent many newsletters to encourage and inform those who are interested. Below is a list of Newsletters you can read:

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