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San Angelo, TX 76904
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Welcome to Southgate Church of Christ

All services are

cancelled or limited

in compliance with the COVID-19 response by the Mayor of San Angelo 
and the Governor's Executive Orders.


For now, the following gatherings have been cancelled as health precautions for the good of our congregation and our community:

  • Sunday morning Bible Class and Worship
  • Sunday evening worship
  • Wednesday evening service
  • Ladies’ Bible class
  • Men’s Breakfast at Blanek’s
  • Rust Street Ministry Luncheons
  • Helping Hands Repairing Homes
  • Youth and Teen activities


Sunday Morning Worship Services

March 22, 2020   Click here

March 29, 2020   The Facebook feed on March 29 was of very poor quality. Therefore, it was not saved for replay.

April 5, 2020        Click Here   Please join us online for the live stream of the service at
10:30am on Sunday morning. We plan to have two simultaneous feeds of the
live stream. The one through Facebook will be activated shortly before the
scheduled time.


Click Here for the dedicated live stream. When the new window opens, press the arrow (Play button) to start the live stream. The next live stream is scheduled for 10:30am on April 5, 2020.



Sunday Morning Bible Class (These can be watched anytime.)

March 22,  2020 –“Jeroboam and Bootleg Religion” – I Kings 12-14  - (34 minutes)

Click Here

March 29, 2020 – “Kings, Where Are Your Hearts?” – 1 Kings 15 & 16 (33 minutes)

Click Here


Wednesday Night Bible Class (These can be watched anytime.) 

April 1, 2020     Click Here


Give Online

If you would like to make your contribution online, please click the “Give Online” button. Click here for an article on this process by Kurt Chunn.





The list of Discovery Groups as of 01 October 2019, can be found here

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