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Our Education Ministries

Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)

The purpose of LTC is to plan, organize, promote, and execute programs that assist young Christians to develop their knowledge of the Bible and biblical principles, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and orient their energies and abilities to areas of Christian service.

Our children train locally for months. On a specific Sunday, most of them will give their presentations to the Southgate congregation. A week or so later, they compete at the North Texas LTC conference in Dallas, TX.

Education Departments


Nursery Cry Room Childcare During Worship  
Nursery Department Newborn to 2 Years  
Preschool Department 3 Years to 5 Years  
Primary Department 1st Grade to 3rd Grade  
Junior Department 4th Grade to 6th Grade  
Teenage Department 7th Grade to 12th Grade  
College Department College age and young adult     
Adult Department Adult  

Praise, Adoration, Love and Service (PALS) Class

Alternating Sunday nights; for 3 Years to 2nd Grade


Leadership Training
for Christ (LTC)

Third Grade and up   

Bible Bowl

Third Grade and up  

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

4 Years Old to 5th Grade  

Workroom - Purchasing




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