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Our Education Ministries

Praise, Adoration, Love and Service (PALS) Class

Twice a month on Sunday evenings we have a PALS class for children ages 3 years to the 2nd grade. I always try to be at our PALS class when they meet. To tell you the truth I want to be at the class because it is a great class. The PALS class meets on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings of the month. This class meets in the Fellowship Hall.

I would like to commend those who make this class available to our kids. Kids need a time to have worship and instruction on their level. The PALS class fulfills this need in a wonderful way.

Sister Amy Holifield organizes the class every quarter. She is assisted by several indispensible teenagers. They help with singing, the lessons, puppet skits, and assist the little ones with the craft or activity. Although Milt Langston and Amy run PALS, without the teens there would be no PALS!

We are proud of this class, and I am thankful for the dedication of those involved in making it possible. God bless the teaching of His word!

Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)

The purpose of LTC is to plan, organize, promote, and execute programs that assist young Christians to develop their knowledge of the Bible and biblical principles, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and orient their energies and abilities to areas of Christian service.

Our children train locally for months. On a specific Sunday, most of them will give their presentations to the Southgate congregation. A week or so later, they compete at the North Texas LTC conference in Dallas, TX.

Education Departments




Nursery Cry Room Childcare During Worship

Beverly Cole

Nursery Department Newborn to 2 Years

Jennifer Rackley
Ann Allen

Preschool Department 3 Years to 5 Years


Primary Department 1st Grade to 3rd Grade

Barbara Peterson
Judy Langston

Junior Department 4th Grade to 6th Grade

Christie Bird

Teenage Department 7th Grade to 12th Grade

Jason & Tessie Yarbrough

College Department College age and young adult   

Jeff Chunn
Milt Langston

Adult Department Adult

Milt Langston
Paul Shero

Praise, Adoration, Love and Service (PALS) Class

Alternating Sunday nights; for 3 Years to 2nd Grade

Milt Langston

Leadership Training
for Christ (LTC)

Third Grade and up  Tessie & Jason Yarbrough 

Bible Bowl

Third Grade and up

Dawn Stanley
Becky Carter

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

4 Years Old to 5th Grade  

Workroom - Purchasing

  Barbara Peterson



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