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The Climb - Bible Challenge

To participate in the Climb Bible Challenge, first make sure you are registered by responding to the original email. Once registered, you have several options. You can request a packet be mailed to your home address, you can print your child’s packet from the church website, or you can request a packet pickup at the building. The Bible challenge is set up in four different age groups. The 2-3 year old’s (red), the pre-k-1st grade (yellow), the 2nd-4th grade (green), 5th-6th grade (blue). If you have different aged children, you will have more than one age packet. The rest is up to you and how you would like to teach your child the material. All children will start at level one. There are seven levels that your child must complete in order to reach the top of the mountain. To move up a level there are certain requirements that they must complete. The older your child is the harder the levels are. Once your child has completed a level, sign the form and email it or give it to Hannah Ward at church. That way she has a record of who has finished what. Once your child has reached the top of the mountain, they will be receiving a reward. Once they have finished, they are welcome to try the next grade level up. This is really just a program to get parents involved with their children’s Bible education, as well as allowing the children to be challenged while we are all at home with no Bible classes. This program is a move-at-your-own-pace kind of program. Help your children climb to better Bible knowledge.

In the foyer, there is a mountain where your child’s progress will be displayed. They will each have a colored climber that has their name on it. You will also be receiving a mountain climber magnet to remind you to study hard. Once the signed form for each level is turned in, their little climbers will be moved up the mountain towards the summit.  



Downloadable Packets

2-3 Year Old Bible Challenge

Pre-K - 1st Grade Bible Challenge

2nd - 4th Grade Bible Challenge

5th - 6th Grade Bible Challenge