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 Many people want to show respect to their ministers. These men have taught them much and have done a lot for them. To love and want to honor a minister is a natural desire. One of the titles given to ministers is "Reverend". The idea is that this is God's man.

What Does The Bible Say?

Psalms 111:9 says... "He sent redemption unto His people: He hath commanded His covenant for ever: holy and reverend is His name." KJV

 From this passage we learn:

1. Reverend is an old word found only once in the Bible.
2. Reverend means Holy and Full of Awe.
3. Reverend is used in the Bible as a name for God.
4. Since this word is used only as a praise of God, it would be inappropriate to use it in reference to any man.
5. We should not call our ministers "Reverend".