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San Angelo Christian Academy

How San Angelo Christian Academy came about!

In 2002, Christie Bird came to Milt Langston and Paul Shero asking why we couldn't start a Christian School. Paul gave her some suggestions - homework she would need to do if she was serious.

Not only did Christie do it, she enlisted others to help her. She and Angela Ward traveled to Lubbock. They visited and talked with the Christian school there. They took Michelle Valentine with them and visited the Christian school in Abilene. These ladies did all their homework and in two years time a modest school was started, meeting in the Southgate church's classrooms.

In August 2004, the first two classes started. In December of that year, ground was broken for a San Angelo Christian Academy (SACA) facility to be built by the Southgate Church of Christ. In August the following year SACA moved into the new facilities with Michelle Valentine as the school's first principal.

The San Angelo Christian Academy is a mission outreach of the Southgate church, but the school is run independently and funded independently from the church (with the exception of their facilities).  A Board of Directors (all members of the Southgate congregation) administers and runs the school leaving our elders free to pursue spiritual leadership for the church family unhindered. We are proud of our board of directors, they are as qualified as any school board in town.

San Angelo Christian Academy is a dream come true for many in our church family. We live in an increasingly secular environment. SACA is a private school clothed in a Christian environment. We highly recommend this school to everyone in San Angelo. Thank you Christie, Angela, Michelle, and others who took the trouble to dream dreams of a Christian school.

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