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Welcome to the TnT Class!

This consists of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes. The 4th grade class meets as a unit, but the 5th and 6th grade classes are combined, which is our TnT Bible Class. 

"TnT" is the chosen name because the classes were previously split into a girls, "Tabitha", and a boys, "Timothy", class.

Why a special class for preteens? Preteens desire independence. They are beginning the process of separating their identities from their parents. At the start of the journey to independence kids need a place where they can connect with adults other than mom or dad. This need to slowly "separate" from parents translates into opportunities for adults with a heart for preteen ministry to be caring mentors. Kids' lives are changed by dedicated adults who are there for them each week, asking about their week, listening to them and joking around with them. It is important for kids to have dedicated mentors to help lead them to spiritual maturity.

Preteens are starting to understand that the Bible actually relates to them. In this class, our focus is on strengthening their relationship with God and each other. We also target issues preteens face as they transition into becoming youth. They are beginning to understand that the Bible is a living, active book that relates to their situations in life.  

In addition to consistent relationships, preteens need fun moments with spiritual significance. We are using a wonderful curriculum that has fun and creative activities to drive the lesson home. Kids remember the fun activities! According to preteen specialists, lots of interaction, messy games, good food, and a friendly atmosphere are all essential for spiritual growth and social development. We have many fun activities planned for these kids!  

Our hope and prayer is that the kids will feel safe and secure in this class and it will be a place where they feel free to ask questions and grow closer to God. We have been teaching this age group several years. It is a very fulfilling place to be! We love teaching this precious group of kids. We invite anyone interested in preteen ministry to come be a part!

Les and Christie Bird


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